Profile Mizuuchi Yusuke / 水内佑輔

Assistant Professor

     Ecohydrology Research Institute,

     Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences,The University of Tokyo 


Specialty :  Landscape Planning studies, GIS for Landscape architecture

                  History of Landscape architecture


Adress : 11-44 Goizuka, Seto, Aichi 489-0031


Email : mizuuchi[at]uf.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp

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Landscape is what I am interested in. It is the result of human-environment interaction and, is human value judgment to the environment. It has an aspect as a phenomenon. The concept of landscape includes natural environment  as well as the value of the history, culture and so on. It is natural that landscape does not changes in physically but the sense of value of landscape also changes.  Hence the study focuses are on the relationship between human and environment, especially how to percept of environment as landscape and how to understand it.


  I have been tackling research that 1) how to percept of good landscape by using spatial    information technologies,such as GIS or GLNSS/GPS; 2) The history of the modern  legislative system related with landscape. All theres are  to create/conserve good landscape.  

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